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Alfalfa Harvest Alert May 13th

Nathan Drewitz, Local Extension Educator-Crops, Stearns, Benton, and Morrison Counties or (320) 968-5077

Despite the recent cold snap, samples were still submitted last Monday. Alfalfa stands are still around the 10 to 14-inch height across the fields in the program.

Below is the scissor cut report for samples collected on May 11th.
Alfalfa Harvest Alert May 11th

Below is each farm's scissor cut progress updated to May 11th.
Individual Farm Progress 2020

The goal of this program is to encourage growers to be strategic with alfalfa hay crop harvest. This is not to determine the exact date hay harvest should occur.

If you are interested in receiving regular updates on the Alfalfa Scissor Cut project and Sauk Centre Hay Auctions please contact Nathan Drewitz.
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