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Videos Posted: Follow-up to large hail event in western Minnesota on July 11

Seth Naeve, Extension Soybean Agronomist, David Nicolai, Extension Educator, and Bruce Potter, Extension IPM Specialist

As a follow-up to the July 15, 2020 Crop News posting, “A July hailstorm in Minnesota,” a pair of videos highlighting some of the damage sustained by corn and soybean in western Minnesota from the July 11 hailstorm have been posted.

Extension IPM Specialist Bruce Potter, Extension Educator David Nicolai, and Extension Soybean Agronomist Seth Naeve discuss corn and soybean hail damage, regrowth, continued management, and yield potential in these videos.

Additional background on this hail event can be viewed on this WCCO segment that aired on July 16, 2020.

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