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Crop & Pest Management Connect registration and highlights

Register by December 4 to ensure your spot for the University of Minnesota Crop & Pest Management Connect, the three-day online educational conference for ag professionals scheduled for December 8 - 10. Certified crop advisors can earn up to 12 continuing education units in soil & water, nutrient management  pest management and crop management over the three day period.

Twenty-four agronomic update presentations provide a strong educational program with a wealth of pest, crop and fertilizer management topics. You can see the full agenda, speaker bios and abstracts on the Crop & Pest Management Connect webpage. 

Each of the 24 short presentations will be followed by a live question and answer session, so that participants can engage with the academic speakers from Minnesota and surrounding states. The CPM Connect will run online via Zoom from 10:00 2:30 p.m. 

December 8 highlights

Corn topics will be covered on December 8 and include hybrid selection, nitrogen and fungicide recommendations, corn fungicide research, corn rootworm and a grain price outlook.

This week's featured presentation

An update on Nitrogen Fertilizer Transformation Process Inhibitors by Dr. David Franzen, North Dakota State University is this week's featured presentation. One of the strategies to increase nitrogen use efficiency is to use nitrification and urease inhibitors. Dr. Franzen will review the chemistries of effective inhibitors and present published data in support of their use and limitations to their effectiveness. 

December 9 highlights

Soybeans will be the focus on December 9 with topics including foliar fungicide research results, variable rate soybean seeding, soybean cyst nematode and Sudden death syndrome management.

This week's featured presentation

Fertilizer Management for Maintaining High Soybean Yield by Dr. Dan Kaiser, University of Minnesota will outline key areas of the updated fertilizer guidelines for soybean. Updates include phosphorus application timing in a soybean rotation, potassium sources ahead of the soybean crop and  sulfur research results across the state, which examine if, when, and where sulfur application may be profitable in soybean production systems.

December 10 highlights

On December 10, a wide variety of topics will be covered, including controlled drainage, alfalfa fertilizer guidelines, Kernza® and camelina crop alternatives, and integrated weed management in sugarbeet rotations.

This week's featured presentation

Metabolic Herbicide Resistance Traits in Weedy Species: What is trending? by Dr. Todd Gaines, Colorado State University is this week's featured presentation. While herbicides are still the most effective and widely adopted weed management practice, the evolution of multiple herbicide resistance in damaging weed species threatens effectiveness of herbicides to manage weeds and thus the yield and profitability of many crops. Weeds accumulate multiple resistance mechanisms through gene flow, with international transport of herbicide resistant weeds proving to be a serious issue. Worse even is the selection for metabolic resistance mechanisms in weed species as it can confer resistance across multiple modes of action and even to herbicides not yet discovered. Innovative approaches and a renewed investment in herbicide discovery are urgently needed to combat the pressing issue of resistance in weeds.

Register by December 4

Additional information for CPM Connect is available at

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