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Save the dates: Nitrogen and Nutrient Management Conferences are back, February 2021

nitrogen nutrient management minnesota conference

The 7th annual Nitrogen Conference and the 13th annual Nutrient Management Conference will take place online in February 2021. The Nitrogen Conference is scheduled for February 9 while the Nutrient Management Conference will be on February 16. Both conferences are free. 
Speakers from the University of Minnesota and other institutions will present valuable information on nitrogen and nutrient management research. There will be opportunities to ask questions after their presentations.

Both conferences offer continuing education credits (CEUs) in soil and water and nutrient management for Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs). 

Register soon because some presentations will be posted before the conferences to allow for a more in-depth Q&A session on the day of the conference.

Nitrogen Conference

The Nitrogen Conference will feature presentations on agronomics with a focus on water quality, ways to mitigate nitrogen loss, nitrogen management in irrigated systems, and nitrogen cycling. The preliminary schedule includes presentations on:
  • ESN use in poorly drained soils - Kelly Nelson, University of Missouri
  • N fertilization in southeast Minnesota - Jeff Vetsch, University of Minnesota 
  • Canopy sensing, remote sensing and precision N management - Yuxin Miao, University of Minnesota 
  • N management in irrigated sands with cover crops - Fabian Fernandez, University of Minnesota 
  • N credits following sweet corn and cover crop influences - Carl Rosen, University of Minnesota 
  • Atmospheric N deposition - Paulo Pagliari, University of Minnesota 
  • Corn N use from soil vs fertilizer in Minnesota - Jared Spackman, University of Idaho 
  • And more!

Nutrient Management Conference

The Nutrient Management Conference will have presentations on all of the nutrient management topics relevant to Minnesota farmers and ag professionals. Preliminary presentation topics include:
  • P and K applications- band or broadcast? - Jeff Vetsch, University of Minnesota
  • Sulfur fertilizers and application rates - Dan Kaiser, University of Minnesota
  • Latest research on N and P credits for manure - Melissa Wilson, University of Minnesota 
  • Phosphorus and cover crops in the Red River Valley - Lindsay Pease, University of Minnesota 
  • Climate change and weather impacts on nutrient management - Kenny Blumenfeld, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 
  • What do 100+ site years of on-farm monitoring tell us? - Tim Radatz, Discovery Farms 
  • N and S applications for hard red spring wheat production - Lauren Proulx, Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers 
  • Soil health measurements: What do they mean? - Anna Cates, University of Minnesota 
  • And more!
Both conferences are organized by U of M Extension and the Minnesota Agricultural Water Resource Center (MAWRC)


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