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Reducing weed seed and foreign material in soybeans for export - a new video series

Seth Naeve, Extension soybean agronomist, Debalin Sarangi, Extension weed management specialist, and David Nicolai, Extension educator - crops 

Beginning in 2018, Chinese officials began rejecting shipments of soybeans from the US that contain more than one percent foreign material and contain weed seed listed on their prohibited species list. 

During trade disputes between China and the US, the few shipments of soybeans from the US to China were not overly scrutinized. As soybean exports to China increase, however, China will return to its #1 position in soybean trade with the US. Increased volume will likely lead to increased inspections.

Foreign material (FM), including weed seed, corn, and wheat, found in shipments could cause significant hardship for exporters. In order to reduce their risk, it is expected that exporters will be pushing narrow restrictions on FM levels onto their suppliers moving forward. Local elevators are likely to impose stringent dockages on incoming loads. Northern soybean farmers should be made aware of potential direct consequences of delivery of soybeans with high levels of FM to local elevators, as well as indirect consequences of larger downstream effects on soybean exports to China.

Utilizing a systems approach to enable farmers to minimize FM and weed seed in soybean sold from their farms provides multiple avenues for returns to farmers. Primarily, reduced FM and weed seed in grain will ensure competitiveness in the global market, supporting pricing. Plus, managing herbicide-resistant weeds in-season through harvest enables farmers to reduce weed seed entering the weed seed bank. This is the first and most critical piece of managing these difficult and costly weeds.

New video series

In order to provide an overview of this important issue and provide the basic information needed by farmers to manage herbicide-resistant weeds and to keep weed seed out of their soybeans, we have developed the Soybean: Managing foreign material series of informative videos: 
  1. Overview
  2. Pre-plant weed management decisions for growers 
  3. Pre-emergence weed management 
  4. Post-emergence weed management 
  5. Pre-harvest weed management 
  6. Harvesting clean seed 
  7. Storage 
  8. Customer focus 

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