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Register soon for the 2021 on-location Field School!

 Dave Nicolai, Extension educator - crops

Establishing corn and soybean growth stage
plots for the 2021 Field School
Register soon for the 2021 Field School for Ag Professionals, which will be held on July 20 - 21 at the University of Minnesota Agriculture Experiment Station in St. Paul. 

Field School for Ag Professional is the summer training opportunity that combines hands-on training and real-world field scenarios. The two-day program focuses on core principles in agronomy, entomology, weed and soil sciences on the first day to build a foundation for participants; it builds on this foundation with timely, cutting-edge topics on the second day.

Improve your troubleshooting and crop management skills in specially designed plots that display actual cropping situations. Small learning groups enhance the experience and are a key feature of the Field School. 

Register by July 16th to receive the early registration discount. Enrollment is limited to 120, so register early, as Field School fills up! You may choose to attend either day or both days of the field school.

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Field School program

people in field
Watch the video to learn more about Field School.
The first day's program
will be held on Tuesday, July 20 with registration starting at 8:00 am, orientation beginning at 8:45 am and the individual sessions starting promptly at 9:00 a.m. The first day's program will consist of herbicide mode of action and crop injury symptoms, corn and soybean growth and agronomics, scouting and identification of insects and diseases, and tillage & soil structure.

The second day's program, held on Wednesday, July 21 starting at 8:00 am, will consist of multiple concurrent sessions, allowing participants to obtain six certified crop advisor CEUs . Participants can self–select from a menu of session topics ranging across all four major agronomy disciplines which are designed to be timely, cutting–edge topics for today's Ag Professionals.

Participants may attend up to six of the following sessions on Day 2:
  • Corn stand establishment and yield formation
  • Best management practices for a perfect soybean stand
  • Principles of weed seedling and vegetative weed identification.
  • European corn borer: Refresher on managing this long-suppressed pest.
  • Advanced Crop Diagnostics
  • Dual crops: Twice the opportunities
  • Protecting Crops and Pollinators with Integrated Pest Management
  • Tiny but mighty: Soil organisms and their impact on soil health
  • It is all downhill from here: Effects of soil erosion.
  • Small Grains Growth & Development
  • Identification of Cereals Rusts
Watch the video to learn more!

Who should attend

This program is targeted towards agronomists, crop production retailers, seed dealers, consultants, crop protection industry representatives, Extension educators, government agency personnel, and summer field scouts. Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their troubleshooting and crop management skills in specially designed plots that display actual cropping situations. Twelve certified crop advisor CEUs will be offered over the two days of field school.

The Field School is located at the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station in St. Paul, MN. Free parking available across from the University of Minnesota Plant Growth Facilities and Greenhouse Classrooms at 1522 Gortner Avenue on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota.

Detailed descriptions and online registration can be found under Session descriptions and speakers on the Field School for Ag Professionals webpage.

Appropriate COVID-19 protocols will be followed as dictated by University policy.
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