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By: Lindsay Pease, Extension nutrient management specialist

Learn about the latest agricultural drainage research in Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota at the annual Drainage Research Forum. The event will be on November 23 at the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center in Ames, Iowa. For those that cannot attend in-person, a virtual online option is available.

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The forum will provide updates on drainage research and issues from the three states along with relevant research from across the upper Midwest. There will be a mini-symposium highlighting results from the recently completed Transforming Drainage Project, and a pandemic-delayed retrospective celebrating 20 Drainage Research Forums. 

Transforming Drainage Project
Transforming Drainage Project
Specific drainage topics that are on the agenda this year include: multi-purpose oxbows, water quality monitoring, controlled drainage, and drainage water recycling.

The forum is jointly sponsored by the Iowa Nutrient Research Center, the University of Minnesota, Iowa State University, South Dakota State University, and the Iowa Soybean Association. The planning team consists of Gary Sands and Lindsay Pease (University of Minnesota Extension), Matt Helmers (Iowa State University Extension and Outreach), John McMaine (South Dakota State University Extension), and Chris Hay (Iowa Soybean Association).

The full agenda, more detailed information, and registration are available at:


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