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Annual Soil Management Summit to be held in Mankato

Like many events, last year’s Soil Management Summit (SMS) had to make the transition from in-person to online. This year, the conference committee is excited to welcome participants in two different formats - both in-person and virtual SMS events on December 14 and 15.

It's the best of both worlds.  Participants will have opportunities to visit in person with the people who have real experience, or if they just want to listen to a couple of presentations, they can do that at their computer.

The SMS, formerly known as the Conservation Tillage Conference (CTC), emphasizes proven farmer experience and applied science. Straight from the fields, learn how heavier, colder soils aren’t necessarily the challenge they’re made out to be. Hear from long-time no-till, reduced tillage and cover crop farmers as they share their experiences, so you can be spared the same hard-earned lessons.

SMS is excited to welcome Dr. Rattan Lal as the virtual keynote speaker. He is a highly decorated academic and researcher whose work has led to a better understanding of how no-till practices, cover crops, mulching, and agroforestry can restore degraded soils, Lal’s talk will be about the importance of soil health in strengthening food systems, addressing water quality issues, and mitigating the impact of climate change.

Additionally, some of this year’s topics will include soil health, soil organic matter and water dynamics, and the conference staple - a panel of farmers sharing their own personal experiences with soil management.

Register now and join your fellow soil enthusiasts for two days of presentations, panels, and discussions. Certified Crop Advisors can earn up to 11.5 continuing education units (CEUs). Additionally, registration scholarships will be available for interested producers.

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The annual Soil Management Summit is presented by University of Minnesota Extension and the Minnesota Office for Soil Health with support from Iowa State University and Minnesota State University - Mankato. University of Minnesota Extension is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

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