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The top 10 Minnesota Crop News blog posts from 2022


collage of corn, tractor, cattle, soybean, and thermometer

As the year draws to a close, here's a look back at the top 10 Minnesota Crop News blog posts of 2022. 

1. Six observations from six years of tile sampling for nitrates in southeast Minnesota

Extension educator Greg Klinger sifts through his data from six years of tile sampling in southeast Minnesota to figure out what it means for agriculture and water quality.

2. Soybeans of other colors (SBOC): One more thing to think about this fall?

Extension agronomist Seth Naeve, and Shawn Conley, UW-Madison agronomist explain the What, How and Why of SBOC, and the potential effects SBOC may have on growers.

3. 'Aged manure is not composted manure': Four factors for successful manure composting

Chryseis Modderman, Extension manure management educator shows us again that aged manure is not the same thing as composted manure. 

4. Corn tar spot reported in southeastern Minnesota

Tar spot of corn was detected in southeastern MN, and Extension plant pathologist Dean Malvick alerts us to how to identify it visually, its potential effects on yield, and what to do if you suspect it in your field.

5. Five things to know about removal-based P and K strategies

Dan Kaiser, Extension nutrient management specialist explains to growers 5 reasons why the rules of thumb for P and K amounts in grain may or may not represent what's actually in the field.

6. Prevent plant: Considerations for corn and soybean

Extension educator Liz Stahl talks about prevent plant decision-making, and helps farmers evaluate which options may fit best with their operation and situation.

7. Fall tips for productive pastures

Pastures are important forage resources for many farms. Craig Sheaffer, Extension forage agronomist, Roger Becker, Extension weed scientist, Nathan Drewitz, and Troy Salzer, Extension educators focus on increasing pasture productivity in the fall and spring.

8. Four soil test myths that farmers should know

In this podcast, Daniel Kaiser and Carl Rosen, Extension nutrient management specialists, and Brad Carlson, Extension educator clear up four persistent myths about soil tests and soil testing.

9. Reducing Bt trait acres in 2022 Minnesota Corn Production? Implications for European corn borer

Bruce Potter, Extension IPM specialist, Ken Ostlie and Bill Hutchison, Extension entomologists, Angie Peltier and Anthony Hanson, Extension educators talk about hybrid selection pros and cons within the context of reducing production costs. 

10. Fall nitrogen fertilizer application: The what, where, when and how

With dry conditions throughout Minnesota, Extension nitrogen specialist Fabian Fernandez talks about the importance of starting field activities to prepare fields for next year. 

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