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Crop and livestock integration survey

A Midwestern collaboration is inviting you to participate in a survey that focuses on crop and livestock integration in farm enterprises.  Survey responses will help the the collaborators better understand both opportunities and challenges in integrated systems in the cornbelt and identify environmental, economic, and social benefits. 

Farming practices that integrate crops and livestock, such as grazing cover crops or crop residue, can create mutual benefits on both the crop and livestock sides. For example, crop enterprises can save on fertilizer costs, break pest and disease cycles, add soil organic matter, market their cover crop as forages, and potentially receive ecosystem service credits; while livestock enterprises can use cover crops and crop residue to stretch the grazing season into winter. 

Take the survey.

Match Made In Heaven: Livestock + Crops,”is a collaboration of over 50 groups and includes crop and livestock associations, state and federal agencies, universities, soil and water groups, and farmers who have successfully integrated crops and livestock in their operations in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin. 

 The project is funded through an NCR-SARE grant developed by Green Lands Blue Waters at the University of Minnesota.

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