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Seeking fields for the 2023 Small Grain Pest and Disease Survey in western Minnesota

Anthony Hanson, Extension Educator - Field Crops Integrated Pest Management (
Angie Peltier, Extension Educator - Field Crops
Jochum Wiersma, Extension small grains specialist 

University Minnesota Extension has conducted a small grains pest and disease survey for more than a decade as part of a wider small grains and wheat IPM survey in collaboration with North Dakota State University. This effort has been funded by the Minnesota Wheat Research and Promotion Council and your check-off dollars to inform producers and the research community of the presence of disease and pest problems (Fig. 1), which is a first step to effective and timely management.

Figure 1. Tan spot in wheat.

Rather than relying on random fields to sample for insects and diseases, we plan to visit only small grains fields that you have volunteered, and we have written permission to scout. If you would like to volunteer a field, please visit:

The form will ask for your name, the latitude and longitude of the field in decimal degrees, the previous crop in that particular field, and asks whether you agree to grant the University of Minnesota Extension permission to enter the field.

We typically have three scouts scouting fields weekly centered around CrookstonMoorhead, and Morris so we can cover a continuous range of fields through the northwest and west-central areas of the state (Fig. 2). At the time of this article, we still have an open summer scout position for Morris open until May 17 if you know of anyone that may be interested. These scouts also assist with soybean pest scouting funded by the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council and soybean checkoff dollars.

Figure 2. Wheat aphid counts during the 2021 survey in Minnesota and North Dakota locations

We will select a subset of all submitted fields such that we have a good representation across the region. We will inform you if one of your fields has been selected. Our scouts will visit only the selected fields this coming summer. The anonymous data will be used to generate the weekly pest, and disease updates in cooperation with NDSU. If you provide an email at submission, we will make an effort to alert you to any pest issues found in your field.

If you would like to view past joint pest maps with U of M and NDSU, visit:

Thank you for considering this request. Simply follow the link at the bottom to a Google Form to submit your field. 

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