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Fungal Growth on Corn ("Moldy Corn") in Minnesota in Fall 2009

Dean Malvick, Extension plant pathologist
Recently there have been numerous reports of "moldy corn" across Minnesota. The late harvest, high moisture corn, and continuing wet conditions have contributed to this problem. At least two main questions should be considered. Are the problems at this point significant ear and kernel rots that are damaging the kernels, or is the problem primarily superficial growth of fungi on the grain surfaces? Both types of fungal growth on corn can cause greater problems with grain quality if the corn is not harvested and dried properly. The current problems with "moldy corn" are still not completely clear, but we can make some general comments on what we have seen and heard so far.

Sauk Centre Hay Auctions October 1 & 15 2009

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearn-Benton-Morrison Counties
This information is for the Sauk Centre Hay Auctions held October 1 and 15, 2009. The reports are a list of all tested hay lots and bedding materials sold ... grouped by kind of hay, type of bale ... cost per pound of dry matter and per RFV point are calculated. Straw and other bedding material is included. Consider averages carefully when they are based on a limited number of entries.

SC Hay Auction 10 01 09.pdf

SC Hay Auction 10 15 09.pdf