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Assessing fields for "pop up" starter fertilizer damage

Daniel Kaiser, Extension Soil Fertility Specialist
Dry fall and early spring soils have led to questions about starter fertilizer application this spring.  While that planting with starter in a dry seedbed can significantly increase the risks, the overall effect will not be known until after planting.  Assessing the situation after emergence will be the best way to determine if damage has occurred due to "pop-up" fertilizer application.  With some corn already planted and fertilizer decisions made there are a few key points to remember when dealing with starter fertilizers.

Recommendations for Managing Glyphosate-Resistant Waterhemp in Roundup Ready® Sugarbeet

Written by: Dr. Jeff Stachler, University of Minnesota and North Dakota State University and edited by Al Cattanach, Mark Bredehoeft, and Mike Metzger
Questions from sugarbeet growers have been coming in to Extension and Sugarbeet Cooperative Ag Staff about how to properly manage glyphosate-resistant waterhemp. The three Sugarbeet Cooperatives and Jeff Stachler recently met to determine the best strategy to manage glyphosate-resistant waterhemp in Roundup Ready sugarbeet.