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‘And the Farmer kept on ploughing’

‘Even after his farmstead had been burned to the ground,
His wife and oxen murdered,
The Farmer put on the harness and put himself in front of the plow.
And the Farmer kept on plowing.’

This stanza from a Dutch poem are probably the two most famous sentences in the poem titled ‘Ballad of the Farmer’ written by J.W.F Werumeus Buning in 1935 about the hardships of farming.

This winter and spring have been some of the most trying times in a generation to farm. It is in the DNA of most farmers, if not all, to keep on plowing rather than seek help. Nevertheless, everyone has a breaking point. Do not let it get that far. A shared problem is a problem halved.

The University of Minnesota Extension and North Dakota State University have compiled resources on how to deal with stress on the farm. You can find U of M's resources here and NDSU's resources here.

If you need immediate help, call the Minnesota Farm and Rural Helpline at 833-600-2670 x 1. This free, confidential service is available 24/7. The call center is located in Minnesota and trained staff and volunteers answer calls.

If you or someone you know is struggling with stress, anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts - call. Sometimes it is easier to talk to someone you do not know.

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