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Small Grains Disease Update 07/03/2019

The risk assessment model for FHB is, as was expected, trending higher in the first part of this week, with many parts of the state showing a near continuous high risk for FHB. The only exception being the northern half of Polk County and the counties of Marshall and Kittson. I'm sure the lack of any measurable precipitation since the middle of May is the cause of this lower risk for that part of the State 

The hot, humid weather is pushing the development of the wheat crop. I suspect that many of you will be spending the coming days, including tomorrow's holiday, either scouting fields to determine when to spray or in a tractor making an application at Feekes 10.51.

Consult NDSU's Extension bulletin 'Ground Application of Fungicides for Suppression of Fusarium Head Blight in Small Grains' to set up your sprayer correctly and get the most benefit of your fungicide application. 

Prosaro, Caramba, or Miravis Ace applied at Feekes 10.51 (beginning of anthesis) will provide the best suppression of FHB. Tebuconazole applied at that growth stage will provide slightly less suppression of FHB. All products mentioned will give very good to excellent control of leaf diseases for the remainder of the season.
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