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Nitrogen fertilizer economics: Urea vs. anhydrous ammonia, on-farm storage options, & more

Nitrogen fertilizer economics urea anhydrous ammonia on-farm storage options management minnesota corn

In this episode of the Nutrient Management Podcast, three U of M researchers and a special guest from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture discuss nitrogen economics. How does the sale of nitrogen fertilizer in Minnesota break down by source, and what trends have we seen in nitrogen use for crops in Minnesota? Are farmers shifting towards more on-farm storage of nitrogen fertilizer, and what do farmers interested in storing and applying their own fertilizer need to be aware of?

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  • Dan Kaiser, Extension nutrient management specialist 
  • Fabian Fernandez, Extension nitrogen management specialist 
  • Brad Carlson, Extension educator 
  • Jane Boerboom, agricultural chemical consultant, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
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