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Take a self-guided weed management tour in Rochester

Lisa Behnken and Ryan Miller, Extension educators - crops

Summer Ag Intern Simon Warmkagathje and Ag
Technician Bill Kuisle at our new UM Extension Field Site.
Would you like to tour herbicide trials, see what's new and on the horizon in corn and soybeans? We may not be able to hold group tours this year, BUT we are able and now ready to host self-guided tours. The plots are signed as in the past and you are now welcome to visit.

Please respect the plots as they will all be harvested for yield. You may look into the plots from all of the alleys, but please don't walk through them.

Guidelines and highlights

  1. The Rochester weed management trials are at a new location this year. The new site is located just east of the Olmsted County Recycling site on County Rd 9 (Collegeview RD), a short mile north and a bit west of our previous location. See map below to direct you into the plot area due to road construction on County Rd 9. If you head to the recycling and composting site, you will see our sign at the entrance, then head east on a gravel field road.

  2. A new location means the weed spectrum is a bit different. We have common lambsquarters, woolly cupgrass, velvetleaf, some common ragweed and some marestail. However, we have trial results from our previous site that demonstrate giant ragweed and waterhemp control options.
  3. We have four corn and two soybean herbicide trials to view and a cover crop X herbicide trial at the new site.
  4. Rep 1 of each trial is signed as we have done in the past. There are also background signs at the beginning of each trial that give the planting date, application dates, varieties, etc., along with a QR code so you can listen to a short introduction and summary of each trial.

General instructions

When you arrive at the plot site, drive east on the field road to reach the trials. You will find a mailbox and a UM Extension Field Research sign with a QR code on it. Scan the code or type in the z-link and you will hear an introduction to the trials.  Inside the mailbox is hand sanitizer, map of the site, and a tour sheet to guide you through the trials.

Trials and product highlights

Take your time and enjoy this year's self-guided tour! There are also QR codes at the beginning of each trial. They include narrated summaries along with highlights of what we've seen so far this year.  If you'd like to hear these short introductions, click on the links below.

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