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Small Grains Disease and Pest Update for 06/18/21

The forecast calls for scattered showers and thunderstorms and half an inch of precipitation across much of Minnesota early Sunday. 

The disease risk model Fusarium head blight remained low over the past few days and is almost certain to remain low until at least the middle, if not the end, of next week. Likewise, the risk for tan spot, leaf rust, and Septoria to develop will also remain low. It will take more rain events and higher dew points for fungal diseases to have a chance to develop.

At this point, there is little reason to apply a fungicide to suppress FHB and/or control the leaf diseases.  

Meanwhile, I do ask you to continue scout for aphids and grasshoppers as the scouts found that week-over-week incidence of aphids and grasshoppers increased again across all of Minnesota. Apply an insecticide as soon you find one or more aphids on 80% of the individual stems across the field. Do not apply an insecticide after the crop reaches anthesis.

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