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Commercial Animal Waste Technician (CAWT) trainings now available in-person or online

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By: Extension educators Chryseis Modderman & Brenda Postels, and Extension manure management specialist Melissa Wilson

There are several upcoming opportunities for Minnesota commercial manure haulers and site managers to attend the Commercial Animal Waste Technician (CAWT) recertification workshops. This year, there will be both in-person workshops and an online course.

In-person workshops will take place in Hutchinson (Feb. 16th), Slayton (Mar. 7th), Owatonna Farm and Power Show (Mar. 16th), Sauk Center (July 19th) and Farmfest in Redwood County (August 3rd.) Online training will be available starting late spring or early summer and will be open until November 1st, 2023.

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The registration fee is $10 for either in-person or online recertification training. For in person workshops, payment will be taken at the door by cash, credit card or check, payable to UMN Extension.

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The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) requires full attendance to receive recertification credit. You must be signed in and signed out to receive full credit. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be turned away.

2023 workshop topics

  • CAWT program update - MDA
  • Manure Spills and Discharges - MPCA
  • Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast, MDA
  • Characteristics of Manure, UMN Extension
  • Manure is Risky Business, Put Safety First! UMASH

2023 Speakers

  • Brian Clark or Robyn Fredricks, MDA
  • Paul Brietzke, MPCA
  • Katie Rassmussen, MDA
  • Chryseis Modderman or Melissa Wilson, UMN Extension
  • Devon Charlier, Carol Peterson, or Megan Schossow, UMASH

Recertification reminders

  • Bring your CAWT card to class to be scanned for credit.
  • New applicators who have not been previously certified: You must watch a video and take a quiz for your initial certification. You cannot receive initial certification through these workshops.
  • Certified applicators: You can either watch a video and take a quiz every year or attend a recertification workshop every other year.
  • Site managers: You must attend a workshop every other year.

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