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Corn stalk rots in Minnesota this year

Dean Malvick, Extension Plant Pathologist, and Dave Nicolai, Extension Educator-Crops
The corn crop generally looks good across Minnesota this year, however, a problem may be lurking in many fields that may reduce yields and set the stage for lodging and harvest challenges. This problem is corn stalk rots, a common problem that is increased by stress conditions in the mid to late growing season. Corn stalk rot has been reported this season in many areas of the state but particularly in areas which suffered from drought stress and/or corn rootworm damage earlier in the season. General information about corn stalk rots and a perspective on this problem for Minnesota are addressed in this article.

Wet conditions lead to harvest delays

Lizabeth Stahl, Extension Educator-Crops
Soggy fields and submerged crops can be found in areas throughout the state due to recent rainfall events. What effect will these late-season wet conditions and even flooding have on corn and soybeans as we wait for field conditions to improve and harvest to resume?