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Sauk Centre Hay Auction February 4 and 18, 2010

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties
This information is for the Sauk Centre Hay Auctions held February 4 and 18, 2010.

The reports are a list of all tested hay lots and bedding materials sold ... grouped by kind of hay, type of bale ... cost per pound of dry matter and per RFV point are calculated. Straw and other bedding material is included. Consider averages carefully when they are based on a limited number of entries.

SC Hay Auction 02 04 10.pdf

SC Hay Auction 02 18 10.pdf

Low Protein Wheat in 2009: What Happened?

By Daniel Kaiser and Jochum Wiersma
Decisions about the amount of nitrogen to apply in wheat and barley are challenging each and every year, as the return per acre is not simply a function of the price of the commodity but also on the quality (grain protein%) of those bushels. There are opportunities to capture premiums for protein but more often than not producers are faced with discounts as the grain protein percentages fall below the market's 14% threshold.  While this was already an issue in 2008 with high yields in Northwest Minnesota leading to lower protein, it was greatly magnified in 2009 with producers reporting grain protein percentages of 10% or less.

This issue is not new since it has been long noticed that yield and protein are inversely related. The amount of grain protein produced per acre appears to be relatively constant over years. In high yielding years the extra starch produced  simply dilutes the total protein produced per acre, leading to smaller percentage…