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Recommended Malting Barley Varieties for 2011

The American Malting Barley Association, Inc. (AMBA) recently announced the recommended malting barley varieties for the 2011 growing season. Two new six-row varieties and one two-row variety have been added to the list. Quest, the latest release from the University of Minnesota barley breeding program is the first recommended variety developed from Fusarium Head Blight resistant germplasm from Switzerland and China. Quest averages 40% lower in DON than current varieties. The other six-row variety added to the list is Celebration, developed by Busch Agricultural Resources. The other addition to the recommended list is Pinnacle, a two-row malting variety released by North Dakota State University.

Other recommended varieties suited for Minnesota include the two rowed variety Conlon and the six-rowed varieties Lacey, Legacy, Rasmusson, Robust, Stellar-ND, and Tradition. Drummond has been dropped from the list.

Malting barley growers are encouraged to contact their local elevator, grain…