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Planting Date Considerations for Corn

Jeff Coulter, Extension Corn Agronomist

For many growers, this unusually early spring may offer the earliest opportunity of all time for corn planting. This makes it especially important to weigh the risks and benefits of early planting in terms of crop insurance, yield and frost risk:

When is Early too Early?

Jochum Wiersma, Small grains specialist
The record breaking temperatures of the past week make it feel more like the middle of May than the middle of March. Obviously, as the fields look ready, the question arises whether this early is too early. With the very late start of 2010 and the disappointing wheat and barley yields that followed still fresh in memory, everyone understands that early planting is paramount. What are the risks of planting too early? Is there such a thing as too early for seeding wheat and other cool season grasses?

Thinking nitrogen for the spring

Daniel Kaiser and John Lamb, Soil Fertility Extension Specialists
The snow is gone and summer is here? The change in weather this spring has allowed for earlier field work to begin. Questions that come to mind include what kind of tillage should I do and do these condition affect me nitrogen management program for corn.