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Nutrient Management Planner v. 4.0

Nutrient Management Planner for Minnesota software, version 4.0 for M.S. Windows 7 and Access 2010 is now available on a CD from UM Extension,, at the Extension Store. NMP helps producers and their advisors plan field-specific fertilizer and manure applications that meet crop needs and agency requirements. Recommendations are consistent with current University of Minnesota fertilizer recommendations, the USDA-NRCS-Minnesota 590 (Nutrient Management) Standard, and Minnesota State 7020 Feedlot Rules. The software generates reports that meet NRCS and MPCA requirements, and that serve producers' farm management needs. The software includes a farm nutrient supply and demand calculator to determine the acres needed for manure applications. NMP V 4.0 requires a computer with MS Windows 7 and MS Access 2010. More information is at

Sauk Centre Hay Auctions Sept. Oct. 2012

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties
   This is the first posting of my summaries of the Sauk Centre Hay Auction for the 2012-13 season. The first sale in September was the largest of 4 sales held now. It could be that buyers and sellers got busy with harvest after the first sale.
   Look at averages carefully, especially when they cover a small number of loads. Also take a close look a situations where there might be an odd load in the bunch. Large Round Alfalfa RFV 151-175 on October 18 is an example of this. There were 4 loads listed at $210 to $240 and one load listed at $40 per ton. Sometimes this is a load that is in poor physical condition, even though it tested in the range. Sometimes it is a data error. For me in this case, it doesn't make sense to include it in the average.
   I will list the postings here and some other sources of hay market information are listed in the extra reading.

Sept 6 2012 SC Hay Auction.pdf SC Hay Auction  Lots …

Tires, Traction, and Compaction Field Day: Videos Discussing Four Main Topics Now Available

In September, 2011, University of Minnesota Extension, partnered with NDSU Extension, brought you the Tires, Traction, and Compaction Field Day near Fergus Falls, MN. There are now four videos highlighting the key messages presented during the day. Each video takes you to the unique soil pits constructed for that day to illustrate soil structure and effects of equipment traffic on soils. Each video is under six minutes yet captures the field experience for those unable to attend. They represent a great refresher for the 200+ participants who were there.