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Be Aware of Potential Carryover Concerns when Using Ditch Hay

By Lizabeth Stahl, Extension Educator - Crops
The harvesting of ditch hay (grass and legumes growing along roadsides) has provided livestock owners with a source of forage for years.  Tight forage supplies, however, have led to a greater demand for ditch hay than usual this year.  If you feed or sell ditch hay, be sure you know what, if any, herbicides were applied to the ditch hay to avoid potential herbicide carryover issues in manure from animals fed the ditch hay.

Small Grains Disease Update 07-18-13

The grain fill is rapidly progressing towards physiological maturity in both spring and winter wheat across the State. Actually, the first winter wheat in West Central Minnesota was reportedly harvested today. The scouts continue to predominantly fin the tanspot/Septoria complex of leaf diseases and BYDV. Incidence of leaf rust remains low while no stem or stripe rust was found to date.

Weed Management in Prevented Planting Acres

By Jeffrey L. Gunsolus, Extension Agronomist - Weed Science
The wet weather pattern this spring and early summer has left a significant number of acres, especially in southeastern MN, unplanted. Current estimates in southeastern MN project 30% of the tillable acres have not been planted and on many of these acres weeds such as giant ragweed, common lambsquarters and waterhemp are thriving.

Although weeds are beneficial from an erosion control perspective their rapid growth will make seedbed preparation for planting cover crops very difficult and weed seed production potential will challenge even the best weed management tactics available in 2014.