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Management of Fields with Un-harvested Sugar beet Fall 2013 for Cropping Year 2014

John A. Lamb, Nutrient Management Extension Specialist
Because of weather, a number of acres of the 2013 sugar beet crop will not be harvested.  It has been a number of years (PIK years) since this many acres have been left un-harvested.  At that time, SMBSC and the University of Minnesota did conduct a number of research studies to answer the main production question:  "What should I do with these fields for next year?"

Nitrogen Crediting for fields with Cover Crops

By Daniel Kaiser, Fabian Fernandez, John Lamb, and Carl Rosen, University of Minnesota Extension Nutrient Management Specialists
The increase number of acres planted to cover crops has raised questions on nitrogen (N) crediting for the 2014 cropping year. While there are many benefits touted for the use of cover crops, there are a lot of unknowns when determining N credits. This is especially true for mixes with multiple plant species.

One of the benefits of cover crops is scavenging of N during the growing season. This N can potentially be released for the following year's crop. While there may be a benefit from additional N available to the next year's crop, the process of mineralization of N through the decomposition of residue can progress over the growing season. Thus, N may not be available during periods of rapid N uptake by corn. This delay in availability makes it difficult to predict the amount of available N using the total amount of N per acre contained in the cro…