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Back to Basics for Soybean Planting

Seth Naeve, Extension Soybean Agronomist
As we enter soybean planting time, the most critical management period for soybean production, it's a good time to remember a few of the most critical decisions that can be made, including:

Select and plant only the best varieties:  Not all soybeans are equal.  Each year, seed companies sell soybean seed with a wide range in yield potential.  Typically, the best-yielding varieties produce between 20 percent and 40 percent greater yields than those at the bottom.  Don't get stuck with a dog.  Make your initial selections carefully by using third-party yield information, and only accept substitutions with proven yield potential.

Weather Delays Corn Planting but High Yield Potential Exists

By Jeff Coulter, Extension Corn Specialist
Expected yield is high for corn planted by mid-May
Today's USDA crop report indicates that only 4% of Minnesota's corn acres have been planted, with the majority coming from southwestern Minnesota. In comparison, the 5-year average (2009-2013) is 30%. With the recent and expected rainfall, many growers may not be able to resume field work until at least this weekend or early next week. This has led to questions about corn yield potential when planting is delayed.

University of Minnesota planting date studies show that highest corn yield typically occurs when planting is completed by mid-May. In a study from 2009 to 2011 at Lamberton, Morris, and Waseca, MN that was funded by the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, average grain yield was within 98% of the maximum if planting was completed by May 15. In another study from 1988 to 2003 at Lamberton, MN, a planting date of May 15 resulted in grain yields that averaged 95% of the maximum.…

Diversification Tools for Effective, Long-term Weed Management

By Lizabeth Stahl, Extension Educator in Crops
Does glyphosate perform as well today as it did when you first used it?  When producers were asked this question at University of Minnesota Private Pesticide Applicator Training sessions across southern Minnesota in 2014, 87% of the respondents said "No".  This percentage is up significantly from 2009, when 55% of respondents answered "No" to this question.  Increasing issues with resistance to glyphosate is likely, at least in part, behind reported reductions in weed control.  To address issues of reduced weed control with glyphosate, diversification is key. 

U of MN Extension Launches Crops YouTube Video Site

By Lizabeth Stahl and Lisa Behnken, Extension Educators in Crops
University of Minnesota Extension has recently launched a U of MN Extension Crops YouTube video site. It can be accessed through the newly updated U of MN Extension Crops webpage at under "Social Media".

Have you been wondering how much influence nozzle type can have on drift potential?  Check out the "Herbicide Spray Drift Demonstration" video for an in-field comparison of herbicide applications using various spray nozzles under high drift conditions.  Would you like a better understanding of how herbicide resistant weeds develop and how different types of herbicides affect or kill susceptible plants?  Check out the herbicide resistance management videos which help explain how herbicide resistant populations develop and the mode of action of important herbicide chemistries.

The site also contains a series of videos on soil compaction.  Topics covered range from a discussi…

Just in Time for Spring: University of Minnesota Unveils Newly Rebuilt Forage Website

M. Scott Wells - Extension Forage and Cropping Systems Agronomist
We are excited to announce that our University of Minnesota Forage website has emerged from its complete rebuild. Visitors to the U of M Forage website will be able to successfully navigate with ease through a host of informative topics associated with forage production such as:
Forage and Variety SelectionSoil and Water ManagementEstablishmentNutrient ManagementGrowth and DevelopmentUtilization and ManagementOrganic Production