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High resolution elevation data now available through DNR

Les Everett, Agronomist, Water Resources Center
Agricultural professionals and producers, with or without GIS software, now have access at no cost to the Minnesota high resolution elevation data collected with LiDAR laser scanning. The Minnesota DNR released MnTOPO in 2014, a web application for viewing, printing and downloading the data.

From a computer or mobile device you can view contour lines at two, ten, or fifty foot elevation intervals projected over one of four basemaps. They include roads, aerial images, colored terrain, and black and white terrain images. The user can also obtain an elevation profile for a line drawn on the map. MnTOPO navigation is similar to that of Google Earth, allowing zooming and panning to locate a desired area or point, and has a location search capability. The contour lines appear at increasingly higher resolution (decreasing intervals) when zooming in on an area, and each contour resolution can be…

Soybean aphid management webcasts to help prepare you for 2015

by Robert Koch, Extension Entomologist

While soybean aphids are waiting out the winter as eggs on buckthorn, you can prepare yourself to manage these pests in 2015 by watching a series of webcasts. This series of three educational webcasts focused on soybean aphid management are available on the Plant Management Network's “Focus on Soybean” webpage. The webcasts are the result of a multi-state, multi-year research and outreach effort. They provide updates on the latest research related to aphid-resistant soybean, neonicotinoid seed treatments on soybean, and biological control of soybean aphid.