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Alfalfa Harvest Alert: June 3rd

Nathan Drewitz, Local Extension Educator - Crops, Stearns, Benton, and Morrison Counties

There are only a few cooperators left submitting samples. Most of the current samples being submitted are from cooperators in the northern area of the program. As fields are cut, keep an eye on alfalfa weevil populations in windrows. Damage can still occur under windrows where larvae are protected. Scouting for alfalfa weevils should occur at least once more following first cutting.

Alfalfa Harvest Alert for June 3rd:

This program aims to encourage growers to be strategic with alfalfa hay crop harvest. Farmers should make decisions based on their specific feed and market needs and field observations. We also have a tool that contains all of the data from every county and farm that has participated in the Alfalfa Harvest Alert Program since 1997. Go to to view that data. You can also get the most recent information through email by signing up at and clicking the "Hay Auction and Scissor Cut/Alfalfa Harvest Alert Information" box.

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