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Just in time for the combine: Subscribe (or resubscribe) to the Nutrient Management Podcast

corn harvest
University of Minnesota Extension’s Nutrient Management Podcast lost all of its subscribers when we switched over to a new podcast host earlier this year. Please subscribe (or resubscribe) wherever you listen to podcasts!

The podcast is still available on Apple Podcasts, just in a different place. It is also now available on: Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and several other popular podcasting apps.

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About the Nutrient Management Podcast

The Nutrient Management Podcast began in January 2018 and we have been putting out monthly episodes ever since. Tune in as University of Minnesota Extension specialists and educators from around the state answer your questions about a variety of soil fertility topics. We discuss seasonal conditions and recommendations, and dive into the latest research on everything from N-P-K for corn and soybean growers to cutting edge products and practices like biologicals, precision ag, and cover crops.

Recent popular episodes include:

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Support for the Nutrient Management Podcast is provided by Minnesota's fertilizer tonnage fee through the Agricultural Fertilizer Research & Education Council (AFREC). Learn more about AFREC at

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