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Registration for the Online Research Update for Ag Professionals Now Open

Did you miss the in-person Research Update for Ag Professionals in Owatonna, Willmar, or Crookston because of inclement weather, a prior commitment, or a flat tire? Registration for the online Research Update for Ag Professionals is open.  You might miss the cookies and coffee but you will not miss the other essentials. The online edition will feature many of the same speakers and topics and is spread out over three dates to create flexibility for you and reduce your Zoom fatigue. The complete list of speakers and titles is in the listed below and can also be found here. Register here for the online edition of the Research Update for Ag Professionals.

As always, the complete program will be approved for CCA continuing education credits and each individual session offers 1.5 CEU.

Speaker and Titles for the Online Research Updates for Ag Professionals: 

    Section 1 (February 6th)

  • Bob Koch - Biology and Management of Two New Insect Pests of Soybean - Soybean Gall Midge and Soybean Tentiform Leafminer
  • Dean Malvick - Research Briefs on Soybean Root and Stem Diseases and Tar Spot of Corn
  • Fei Yang - Ongoing Resistance of European Corn Borer and Corn Rootworm in Bt Corn

    Section 2 (February 9th)

  • Debalin Sarangi - Herbicide Resistance: Are We Losing the Battle Against Weeds?
  • Jeff Coulter - Mid-season Application of Nitrogen and Sulfur for Corn
  • Seth Naeve - Soybean Management for Increased Yields
   Section 3 (February 15th)
  • Dan Kaiser - Best Management Practices for Nitrogen Fertilizer Use - Part I
  • Fabian Fernandez - Best Management Practices for Nitrogen Fertilizer Use - Part II
  • Lindsay Pease - Crop Residue Levels and N Availability in Strip-tilled Sugar Beet

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  1. Is there an on line registration form?

    1. Please visit to register for the online Research Updates.


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