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Video: Tips for conducting on-farm research

If you’re interested in doing your own research on your own farm, this short video is the perfect place to start. Extension educator Liz Stahl provides useful tips to get you started, including which questions to ask and how to properly set up a trial. University of Minnesota Extension also has several resources (below) to help you do the job right from start to finish.

Additional resources

Stahl helped create a series of videos and fact sheets on on-farm research as part of the 2017 North Central Region Agriculture and Natural Resources Academy. Topics include on-farm comparisons, setting up an on-farm trial, understanding the least significant difference, and blowing the whistle on ag marketing claims.

Extension also has a series of web pages on how to do research on your farm. These web resources walk you through how to conduct your own on-farm experiments and interpret your experiment's results, and includes a spreadsheet for making comparisons and tips for on-farm research. The spreadsheet includes a yield calculator for several different crops, and tools for comparing two and three treatments.

Stahl also recommends a 32-page Ag Innovations Series technical bulletin on How to Conduct Research on Your Farm or Ranch from Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE). This document is free to download, and you can also order a print version.

If you have any questions, you can contact Liz at

Video produced by: Eve Daniels, Sarah Jameson-Jones, & Paul McDivitt


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