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Updated soil management resources available

University of Minnesota Extension has updated many useful soil management resources. Whether you enjoy listening to podcasts, watching webinars, or reading in-depth articles, we're sure to have it all.


Soil organic matter does matter

Soil Organic Matter Does Matter is an upper Midwest resource for producers, beginning-level college students, and agronomic personnel who are interested in understanding the role organic matter plays in our agricultural soils.

Upper Midwest Tillage Guide

Upper Midwest Tillage Guide is a regional resource for producers and agronomic personnel who are interested in reducing tillage, but who may not feel comfortable choosing the best options for their specific operation. The guide lays out the benefits of various equipment types and tillage options and is conveniently broken into four chapters that may be read consecutively or individually.

Upper Midwest Compaction Guide

Upper Midwest Compaction Guide is a regional resource for producers, college students, and agronomic personnel interested in understanding and managing soil compaction. The guide lays out the causes, consequences, and control of soil compaction.


Soil health video series

Check out the Soil Health Video series from the University of Minnesota Extension and Grant County Soil and Water Conservation District, which addresses erosion, tillage, fertility, and cover crops. Whether you want to learn how to incorporate N into a strip-till system or how to select the best cover crops for your needs, these videos will get you started.

Soil compaction video series

The Soil Compaction video series  covers best practices for building soil structure, pros and cons of tracks versus tires, and proper tire inflation to minimize compaction.


Soil Compaction Podcasts



Every operation on agricultural fields has the risk to cause compaction and drag down your yields and profit. Making each pass work for you is essential for maximizing your crop productivity year after year Presentations from the Northern Soil Compaction Conference will provide you with the latest in technical advice for alleviating your current compaction, building proven strategies to minimize your risk in the future, and the benefits you can expect.

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