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Video recordings of 2023 Nutrient Management and Nitrogen Conference presentations now available

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You can now watch video recordings of all of the full presentations from the 2023 Nutrient Management Conference and the 2023 Nitrogen Conference. Learn about the latest fertilizer, manure and water quality research from Minnesota and around the Midwest.

Nutrient Management Conference

2023 Nutrient Management Conference introduction
Bruce Montgomery, Moderator

What do AFREC dollars mean for farmers and Minnesota
Mike Schmitt, University of Minnesota

Climate smart agriculture-what to expect for future nutrient management
Heidi Roop, University of Minnesota

Potassium recommendations based on clay mineralogy, a North Dakota perspective
David Franzen, NDSU

Potassium recommendations based on clay mineralogy, an Iowa perspective
Antonio Mallarino, ISU

Potassium recommendations based on clay mineralogy, a Minnesota perspective
Daniel Kaiser, University of Minnesota

Interactions between irrigation and nitrogen
Vasu Sharma, University of Minnesota

Does placement of phosphorus and potassium matter?
Jeff Vetsch, University of Minnesota

Biological inoculation with nitrogen fixing bacteria
Paulo Pagliari, University of Minnesota

Manure as a source of nutrients in an era of expensive inorganic fertilizers
Melissa Wilson, University of Minnesota

Minnesota climate conditions: Observations, trends, and outlooks
Kenny Blumenfeld, MNDR

Economics of fertilizers
Bill Lazarus, University of Minnesota

Nitrogen Conference

Introduction - 9th Annual Nitrogen Conference
Fabian Fernandez and Bruce Montgomery

Nitrogen management for sugarbeet
John Lamb, University of Minnesota - retired

PSNT as a way to manage nitrogen
Emerson Souza, University of Minnesota

Polyer-coated urea in Minnesota
Fabian Fernandez, University of Minnesota

Conducting research in your own farm
Gabriel Paiao, Vayda

Nitrogen fertilizer decisions based on climate data
Brad Carlson, University of Minnesota

Weather outlook for the 2023 season
Dennis Todey, USDA-ARS

Economics of fertilizers
Byron Parman, North Dakota State University

Nitrogen management in the context of soil health
Marshall McDaniel, Iowa State University

Update on the Groundwater Protection Rule
Margaret Wagner, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Mitigating nitrate losses with woodchip bioreactor
Gary Feyereisen, USDA-ARS

Past conference resources

You can also find video recordings of presentations and presentation slides from past conferences on this page.

Thank you to our supporters!

The conferences are organized by U of M Extension and the Minnesota Agricultural Water Resource Center (MAWRC) and are supported by: Corteva, Koch Agronomic Services, Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative (SMBSC), Minnesota Corn Growers Association, Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories (MVTL), Nutrien Ag Solutions, Minnesota AgriGrowth Council, Syngenta, Mosaic, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Fertilizer Research and Education Council (AFREC), University of Minnesota Extension, and Minnesota Agricultural Water Resource Center (MAWRC).


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