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Alfalfa Scissor-cut Harvest Alert May 22, 2023

Tyler Rice, UMN Extension Educator for Stearns, Benton, and Morrison Counties.

The Alfalfa Scissor-cut Harvest Alert is updated regularly as alfalfa growth accelerates. The goal of this project is to alert alfalfa growers to start first crop harvest when the crop is at a level of quality that matches animal nutrition goals while maximizing yield potential. 

The alfalfa scissor-cut alert program is not a prescription for any particular harvest date but can be a go-to decision tool for those alfalfa producers that are busy managing other crops in the rotation during one of the busiest seasons on the farm.

Extension educators, farmer-cooperators and cooperating agribusinesses work together to collect alfalfa scissor-cut samples from mid-May until final harvest.

Attached is the scissor cut progress report ending May 22, 2023:

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