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AFREC research roundup: 2023 nutrient management findings

AFREC: Improving Minnesota's fertilizer efficiency, profitability and environment
This episode of the Nutrient Management Podcast is our 2023 AFREC research roundup. What is AFREC and how does it help our panelists conduct their research? What AFREC-funded projects are they currently working on? Have there been any interesting findings from the 2023 growing season? What have been our panelists’ favorite AFREC research projects and why? What would happen if AFREC were to go away?



  • Daniel Kaiser, Extension nutrient management specialist (St. Paul)
  • Jeff Vetsch, U of M researcher (Waseca)
  • Lindsay Pease, Extension nutrient and water management specialist (Crookston)
  • Fabian Fernandez, Extension nutrient management specialist (St. Paul)

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