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Farmers needed for research on soil pests in corn and soybean

Drs. Fei Yang, Extension corn entomologist, and Bob Koch, Extension soybean entomologist, are initiating a new project to evaluate pests that feed on seeds and seedlings in corn and soybean fields. In areas with severe infestations, these pests can cause significant stand losses or even require replanting of fields. Despite these potential impacts, much remains unknown about these pests in Minnesota corn and soybean.

They are seeking cooperating farmers to allow their research team to sample corn and soybean fields from April to June 2024.

They are especially interested in sampling corn and soybean fields with the following characteristics:
  • have recently come out of pasture, CRP, etc.,
  • are no-till,
  • are following cover crops,
  • have high organic matter, and/or
  • have not had insecticide seed treatments used in recent years.
However, the sampling will not be limited to fields with those characteristics.

Farmers with fields selected for sampling will receive a free report on the pests encountered in their fields.

Please fill out this short form by March 31, 2024 if you are interested in allowing their research team to sample your field.

If you have questions, contact:
Dr. Fei Yang, or 612-624-7436

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