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All about corn: A decade of outstanding education

Craig Sheaffer, Extension Agronomist

All about Corn
, a narrated online education resource, has been available for a decade and has had over 85,000 pageviews! It has been widely used by diverse audiences, including high school and undergraduate students as well as educators who have incorporated the lessons into agriculture, crop production, botany, physiology, and crop breeding classes. All about Corn contains four modules each about one hour in length on the following subjects:
  • Corn Biology: Growth and development, morphology, and taxonomy
  • Corn Breeding: Origin of corn, hybridization, breeding techniques
  • Corn production: Cropping systems, fertilization, tillage, and pests
  • Uses of corn: Human and animal foods, and fuels.
All About Corn was developed by a team of University of Minnesota educators including Kristine Moncada, Craig Sheaffer, Jeff Coulter, John Lamb, Jill Sackett Eberhart, Jeff Gunsolus, and Amy Jacobson. Its development was funded by the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station and the Minnesota Corn Growers Association. It’s value as an educational resource has been nationally recognized:
  • Extension Education Community Educational Materials Award of Excellence for Videos in 2015
  • National Association of County Agricultural Agents National Winner for Learning Modules in 2015
Enjoy All About Corn at
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