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New Field Day Workshop for Commercial/Noncommercial Pesticide License Recertification

Photo: Liz Stahl, UMN Extension
Do you need to recertify in 2024 for categories C or H?

UMN PSEE has a new opportunity for you that doesn't involve sitting in a classroom!

We are offering a field day for pesticide recertification on July 10, 2024, at the UMN Southern Research & Outreach Center in Waseca, MN.

Our agenda includes a variety of demonstrations and hands-on activities:
  • Equipment calibration and application techniques
  • Drift management
  • Mixing, loading and safety systems
  • Storage and container cleaning
  • Integrated Pest Management and pollinator protection
  • Pest identification and management tools
  • Chemical updates
  • Safety scavenger hunt and demonstrations
  • Drone application technology
  • Seed Treatment demonstrations and safety
Lunch and refreshments will be provided for all attendees.

Commercial applicators

Fee for commercial applicators: A/C--$145, A/C/H--$190

Link to registration for recertification: A/C/H: 2024 Pesticide safety recertification 

To see other workshops, visit all A/C/H workshops on the PSEE website.

Other attendees

Private applicators, Extension educators, and others are also welcome to attend the field day for educational purposes (will not qualify for recertification for private applicators).

Fee for other attendees (no recertification): $45

To register, visit Non-recertification registration for A/C/H Field Day 

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