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Register for the Irrigation and Nutrient Management Field Day - July 16th at the Sand Plain Research Farm!

University of Minnesota Extension and Minnesota Area II Potato and Research Council are planning an Irrigation and Nutrient Management Field Day on Tuesday, July 16th, 2024 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Sand Plain Research Farm (SPRF) in Becker, MN. 

Different irrigation and nutrient management related topics will be covered including precision irrigation and nitrogen management in corn and potatoes, soil moisture sensing technology for irrigation scheduling, and enhanced efficiency fertilizers.


Sand Plain Research Farm 15003 157th St. SE Becker, MN 55308


This free field day will focus on advanced practices and research conducted at the SPRF featuring researchers from the University of Minnesota and North Dakota State University. This event will include a complimentary dinner. 


  • A superbug is not a superhero! Updates on the management of Colorado potato beetle
  • Potassium management effects on yield and chloride cycling in potato cropping systems
  • Developing precision nitrogen and irrigation management strategies for potatoes
  • Polymer-coated urea and time of applications for irrigated corn production
  • Verticillium wilt and common scab of potatoes: Investigating varietal resistance
  • Trialing new potato varieties at the Sand Plain Research Farm
  • Optimizing irrigation and nitrogen management in corn: Key insights from central Minnesota


For planning purposes, an RSVP is required and can be found with more information on the event page:

For more information: 

  • Vasu Sharma, UMN Extension Irrigation Specialist 612-626-4986
  • Jocelyn Schlichting, MN Potato Growers 320-333-4291
  • Brenda Postels, UMN Extension at 763-370-3268

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